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The astonishing, all new Hino 500 Series Wide Cab redefines what to expect from a hard working truck. Its unrivalled build quality delivers next level chassis, suspension and axles. You also have more engine and transmission options to choose from including the 6 speed Allison automatic transmission.

The best performing, most efficient and most comfortable truck in the light duty class.

The 500 series offers legendary fuel and operating efficiency. Within the medium duty class, there is a model for almost any purpose, no matter how tough.

The Hino 700 series continues to win over buyers requiring a heavy duty truck with its class leading combination of reliability, comfort and affordability.

Proven in the Australian market for more than 50 years, Hino has a bus to suit your requirements.

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Keeping your Hino 100% Hino with Genuine Parts.


Get the advantage of greater business convenience and direction.


Flexible finance solutions that will enable you to take advantage of a new Hino vehicle quicker and easier.

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At Hino we are driven to do more for you and now with our telematics system you can be linked to your trucks 24/7 in real time.

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