Hino Races into Preston Hire Pit Garage

Hino Motor Sales Australia has announced a new business and sporting partnership with Preston Hire Racing Team 18 for the 2018 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship season.

2017 Hino 300 817 4x4 Crew: Review

With its low reduction gearing, centre differential and locking front hubs, Hino's new light-duty four-wheel drive truck is up for the rough stuff...

Buying Genuine Parts Always Pays Off

Navigating what to do when needing new parts for your truck can be tricky but don’t worry, Hino Australia’s 2017 Part Skills Contestant Winner, Tom Stewart from West Orange Motors gives some great tips and insight into best practices.

From turf to tacos: How this couple started a Mexican food truck

Colin and Jen Merritt discovered a new passion when they eloped to Mexico in 2011 for a beach wedding and the trip of a lifetime, taking in the flavours of Mexico. Colin had always loved cooking and was passionate about healthy food, he worked in insulation and Jen was a massage therapist. They did have one asset though: Colin’s work truck, a Hino 300 Series.

Turning up Aces - 300 Series Review

Despite its ‘trade’ moniker, the Hino 300 series Trade Ace is a trump card in the pack, accommodating a diverse range of practical applications including local government jobs and power utility projects. For our test drive, a tonne of ballast had been placed almost directly over the back axle, simulating a typical Trade Ace load.


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