A guide to trucking terminology (continued*)

Like any profession, trucking comes with its own set of buzzwords. We continue to look at some of the less obvious ones — some of which can be quite obscure. Here's another five, as part of our ongoing Trucking 101 series.

In the Drivers Seat with Bill Gillespie, GM of Brand and Franchise Development

In Australia’s highly competitive truck market, Hino has been expanding on every level including the introduction of new product models and enhanced customer business offerings. Bill spoke with Prime Mover magazine in an exclusive interview, giving some insight into 2017 and plans moving forward whilst reflecting on how the role of the rigid truck had changed.

Your next truck: buy it outright or finance it?

When deciding whether to buy or arrange finance for your next vehicle, the temptations of outright ownership are considerable: the truck is wholly yours end of story. But, to be completely realistic, it's just the beginning.

How to protect your trucks against the extra wear and tear during winter

Even though Australian winters are relatively mild compared to our nations around the world, it is still important to remember that it pays to take extra care to minimise the additional stresses imposed on trucks and other heavy vehicles.

Why it pays to stay in touch with your long-haul truckies

No matter how trustworthy your drivers might be, there are many reasons why you need to remain in constant contact with them. In real-world terms, both sides benefit.


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