What to ask your dealer when buying your first truck or upgrading

If you’re thinking about getting into the trucking industry or maybe you need to upgrade your truck(s) we spoke to Luke Bennett from FRM Hino Hobart, this year’s Hino Skills Contest Sales winner, to give us some insider tips of the trade.

Continuing the evolution of the Hino 500 Series

Hino Australia has used the annual AFAC conference to further detail the continual evolution of its 500 Series medium duty trucks with the expansion of its new 500 Series Wide Cab range, and a new transmission option for its 500 Series GT 1322 4x4 trucks.

Hino 300 Series 4x4: More of everything

In response to the demands of Australian customers for a better light duty 4x4 truck and it has been comprehensively tested in an Australian field test program over a number of years, the Hino 300 Series 817 4x4 sets a new benchmark for light duty 4x4 truck specifications and driving performance.

How to prolong your truck tyre’s life; Tips to maximise safety and minimise cost

As is often the case with passenger cars, the tyres for trucks tend to be taken for granted, and are often regarded as an unwelcome imposition. But in the case of trucks and other commercial vehicles, tyres are tools of trade subject to wear and need constant, close monitoring especially across every season.

A guide to trucking terminology (continued*)

Like any profession, trucking comes with its own set of buzzwords. We continue to look at some of the less obvious ones — some of which can be quite obscure. Here's another five, as part of our ongoing Trucking 101 series.


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