How to find and hire the right truck drivers for your business

The current need for drivers of trucks and other heavy vehicles is at an all-time high, making it hard to attract the best. Given the average age of Australian truck drivers is around 47, many will soon retire. At the same time, road freight quantities are expected to double over the next decade. The difficulty is recruiting skilled drivers.

We arrived, we revealed, we triumphed.

For us the award of ‘Best Light or Medium Duty Truck’ capped off a successful 2017 Brisbane Truck Show. Showcasing the ongoing refinement of our brand and the continued evolution of our business with our range of Hino products.

Keeping Traq of your fleet's performance

Because of today's increasingly stringent cost pressures, effective fleet management is more than just important, it’s critical. Even with the best drivers and the best intentions, it is vital to monitor their performance and ensure key criteria are met to the highest degree attainable.

Our top customer rated dealerships announced

Customer service is a crucial part of running our business operations at Hino and to support this over the past couple of months, we have implemented a range of new initiatives for our customers through Hino Advantage. We have also been working internally with our dealer network and for the first time this year we presented Customer Satisfaction Award to our exemplary dealerships.

A guide to trucking terminology

Whether you’re just getting into the trucking game or maybe need to brush up on some of the lingo, don’t worry as we’ve put together a brief truck 101 glossary of important terms to know. So, here’s 5 trucking terms to know before taking that essential first step towards your first truck purchase.


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