Turning up Aces - 300 Series Review

Despite its ‘trade’ moniker, the Hino 300 series Trade Ace is a trump card in the pack, accommodating a diverse range of practical applications including local government jobs and power utility projects. For our test drive, a tonne of ballast had been placed almost directly over the back axle, simulating a typical Trade Ace load.

Altus Traffic Celebrates 100th HINO

Australia’s leading traffic management company, Altus Traffic, has celebrated the delivery of its 100th Hino truck with a nod to our market- leading safety standard.

Route Planning

Getting the most out of every haul - When you get behind the wheel and set out on a long-haul drive, two should be at the top of your mind: safety and efficiency. With route planning, you can get the most out of every haul while making it safer for you and the drivers around you.

Steps to getting your truck licence

Is your business on the rise? Is it time to ensure your vehicles are up to the task? You currently hold a C car licence, but what’s the next step? For some, it’s obtaining a Light Rigid Truck Licence (LR) which allows you to drive a light duty truck.

Tried, Tested and Proven for Australia the Hino 300 Series 4x4

Devised specifically for Australian applications and thoroughly tried, tested and proven for Australian conditions, the Hino 300 Series 4x4 has already undergone years of extensive testing and evaluation here with real-world customers.


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