Managing your time to meet deadlines on the road

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Managing your time to meet deadlines on the road

Staying ahead of the game comes down to more than just knowing how to operate a vehicle or choosing a route. One of the most important factors in maintaining a competitive edge is managing your time effectively so that you meet your deadlines. Here are some tips:

Avoiding Heavy Traffic

With deliveries bound for some of Australia’s busiest cities and town centres, you’re going to hit some heavy traffic. Understanding traffic flow at your destination route when scheduling your runs will save you time, money, and a lot of hair pulling. Navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze are great tools for avoiding jams.

Run Efficiently by Resting

Long haul shifts can include a lot of hazards such as fatalities, highway hypnosis and driver fatigue. It can take up to two good nights of sleep to bounce back from being extremely tired, so the more exhausted you let yourself get, the less efficient your recovery time will be. It all comes down to the old saying, ‘Stop Revive Survive' and plan out your rest areas in advance. Acknowledge the early warning signs of fatigue which include yawning, poor concentration, over steering, sore/tired eyes, restlessness, drowsiness or slow reaction. Only you can take control so make sure you take short breaks every two hours or when you're feeling tired.  

Staying Savvy Saves Time

Proper planning prevents poor performance, planning your time wisely and being savvy can cut minutes or hours. Besides loading your truck smartly with last drops to the back and first drops to the front, taking the time to maintain your vehicle can make the difference between heading home early or falling behind. Minimising your downtime is crucial for success, plan ahead for any possible outcomes, follow the ‘5 P Rule’. 

Smart Traq-ing, Smarter Trucker

With the latest evolutions in trucking technology, your truck has a mind of its own. The new Hino Traq telematics system makes it easy for you to be linked to your truck 24/7 in real time, allowing you to manage fuel efficiency and analyse driver performance reports, pinpoint-accurate truck locations, and a lot more insights that can dramatically improve your time management, enhance customer satisfaction and ultimately improve business operational efficiencies.   


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