The trucking industry is transforming, prepare your fleet for the future

Thursday, 20 April 2017

The trucking industry is transforming, prepare your fleet for the future

Working in the fleet industry can be hard, there’s huge demands towards maintaining an competent business, including running an efficient fleet, safety of your drivers, size of your trucks, not to mention forces out of your control such as fuel prices, government regulations…we could easily go on and on! 

With so many variables to manage on a daily basis, it’s important for fleet managers to have clear visibility across all aspects of the business, in order to maintain productivity and reach performance benchmarks for a profitable future. As business all over the world evolves, the fleet industry has no choice but to keep up or be left behind by competitors. Look at the taxi industry and Uber, or the hotel industry and AirBnB. 

New challenges are ever present, so how do you keep up? Realistically, the pace of change happens so quickly that you may never keep up, but the smartest thing to do is ‘something’ rather than ‘nothing’. Smart implementations that allow you to gain more knowledge of your business, of your vehicles and gain that extra edge over your competitors. But how can you solve a lot of these persistent fleet problems? The answer, using modern smart intelligence. 

Knowledge is power - Smart intelligence offers you the chance to gain that competitive advantage, to push the overall business in the direction you want it to go. Hino offers this for your fleet with the Fleet Intelligence feature, part of Hino Traq.

Performance benchmarks 
How do you monitor your fleet performance? Hino Traq accurately locates your trucks and showcases real-time efficiency of your fleet in easy-to-read data, displaying upper and lower performance limits allowing you to set benchmarks and optimise your fleet productivity against Hino Fleets over the entirety of Australia. 

Maintenance and Monitoring You Fleet
Setting benchmarks on previous years is important to know where you stand. The Fleet Intelligence feature allows historical data to be stored and compared, for 7 years. One of the best advantages for fleet business is that it simplifies your auditing and compliance reporting for the future, ensuring you’re always up to date and with the added benefit of automating scheduled reporting to view reports when you want.

Vehicle Efficiency 
Is your fleet ready for the road? With vehicle efficiency being at the heart of any fleet business, you need to be aware of any issues with your trucks. Fleet Intelligence allows you to make sure all your vehicles stay on the road as often as possible with the battery health check feature. Whilst weather conditions can be unpredictable and seasonal change can have a negative effect on your trucks battery, you can stay on top of battery checks and replacements so your fleet runs smoothly. 

Build your fleet knowledge, management and productivity with Fleet Intelligence.  

Hino Traq, here to help you make better business decisions and build your advantage.


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