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Hino Team Sugawara Cross Finish Line Taking Top Two Positions in Class

Overcoming the severe challenges of the world’s toughest race with upgraded HINO500 Series trucks and dedicated teamwork, Hino Team Sugawara maintained their stunning leads throughout the race and crossed the finish line in Buenos Aires in the 1 – 2 positions in the Under 10-Litre Class

From Desert Terrain to High Speed Off Track, Teams Race for Finish Line

Even after getting bogged down in quicksand in the early part of the Stage 11 rally, Hino Team Sugawara’s Car 2 was able to break free and maintain their 8th position in overall standings.

With Rally On Home Stretch, Hino Team Sugawara Maintains Error Free Leads

With only three days left till the finish line in Buenos Aires, both crews on Hino Team Sugawara’s HINO500 Series trucks continued their composed yet aggressive pace.

Hino Team Sugawara Gears Up for Last Portion of Rally

Organisers were forced to cancel the rally again due to the route being rendered impassable from recent mudslides.

Storm Triggers Mudslides Rendering Routes Impassable

A major rainstorm has hit the rally, triggering major mudslides and making it impossible for any vehicles to drive through.



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