Enhanced engine efficiency, more operational options

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Enhanced engine efficiency, more operational options

Reflecting the importance of the new Hino 500 Series Wide Cab in the Australian market, the Japanese manufacturer has launched the new model with a flexible range of engine and transmission options to maximise market opportunity.

Each alternative delivers enhanced engine performance and operational efficiency, and reduced fuel use and environmental impact.

Two engine sizes are offered in revised specifications that deliver more power and torque, improved fuel efficiency and feature a new Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emission reduction system, using Adblue®.

Buyers have the choice of a six or nine speed manual transmissions dependant on the model, or the option of an Allison automatic transmission which is now available across the 500 Series model range.

Stop-start technology is offered on the manual models, a first for this category.

“Operational efficiency and reliability are without question two of the key determining factors in the purchase decision by both fleet and owner-drivers today,” Daniel Petrovski Manager Product Strategy for Hino Australia said.

“Our engineering team has focussed on delivering the most fuel efficient engines with improved drivability for the new 500 Series Wide Cab.

“And these combine with the transmission options to give buyers real choice in speccing the vehicles to suit their individual needs.”


Two enhanced engines, the Hino J08E and the Hino A09C, both deliver increased output, greater cooling, improved fuel efficiency and lower emissions.

In the revised Hino J08E 6-cylinder engine, maximum governed engine speed is higher as is the compression ratio. Peak power output of 280hp (206kW) is now delivered at 2500 RPM and torque has been increased by 7% to 883Nm at 1500 RPM.

The turbocharger is a waste-gate design, a revised water pump and cooling fan package reduce operational temperatures, while an oil pan/sump noise insulator reduces noise, vibration & harshness (NVH).

The Hino A09C 6 cylinder engine is the more powerful option, up now to 350hp (257kW) and 1422Nm with the manual transmission and 320hp (235kW) and 1275Nm with the Allison automatic models.

It’s the result of a refinement package that includes the new turbocharger, revised water pump and cooling fan, and a switch from Bosch to Denso common-rail fuel injection, resulting in greater efficiencies.

Both engines greatly benefit from the adoption of the new SCR emissions system (replacing the previous EGR+DPR system) resulting in a highly tuned, cleaner burning engine which utilises AdBlue® as an exhaust emission after-treatment agent, making each engine fully Euro 5 ADR 80/03 emission compliant and more fuel efficient.


The Hino 500 Series Wide Cab range offers the choice a 6-speed and two 9-speed manuals with three different 6-speed automatic variants specifically suited to the different engines and applications.

Depending on the specification chosen, the 500 Series Wide Cab models utilise a Hino MX06, an Eaton ES11109 or a Hino M009OD manual transmission.

Available across the Wide Cab range, the 6-speed automatic transmissions are fuel-efficient Allison units with a push button shift selector.  The automatic variants provide smooth and seamless full-power shifts for faster acceleration, and two-pedal operation.

The Hino 9-Speed M009OD features an H over H-pattern with a Hi-Lo range selector switch, enabling the shift gates to be spaced further apart.

It delivers a large selection of 9 ratios between a crawler ratio of 10.178:1 and an 8th speed overdrive ratio of 0.724:1, which provides good low range capability combined with reduced engine RPM at highway cruising speeds.

The H over H-pattern shift control allows the change from 4th to 5th gears to be selected using a switch for range changes, while the increased shift gate spacing makes gear positions clearer and together with a shift inhibit ECU prevents miss-operation during shifting.

Hino Stop Start System

Already a feature in the market leading Hino Light Duty 300 Series Hybrid, the Hino Stop Start System is a first for Hino in this category with manual transmission models. This system is designed to reduce fuel consumption by switching the engine off at times when it would otherwise be idling. 

It’s activated when the truck is stationary, the transmission is in neutral and the park brake on, switching off the engine. The engine is instantly restarted when the clutch is then depressed.

Differential Cross Locks

Hino has introduced differential cross locks as standard on the new GH and FM  500 Series Wide Cab models.

In operational situations like muddy or slippery roads, the differential cross locks can be engaged simply by flicking a dash-mounted switch.

A differential cross lock operates by “locking” both wheels on a single axle together as if on a common shaft, forcing both wheels to turn in unison regardless of the traction available. This alleviates the issue of wheels rotating at different speeds, as would be the case with a standard “open” differential.

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