Go further and pay less over the long run

There’s only one way you can be sure you’re getting longer trucking life and lower overall business costs. That’s to entrust all your essential service and maintenance work over the life of your vehicle to Hino Service Centres and highly trained Hino service technicians. It’s simply a better business investment. And because we’re driven to do more for you, we’ve put together a whole range of ways we can help you go further and pay less.


Your Service Advantage

Fully trained dealer service technicians gives you the Advantage.

No one knows your Hino better than our highly trained Hino service technicians who go through a comprehensive induction program and are mentored by highly skilled trainers and industry professionals. Only they can provide the expert service and care your valuable investment deserves at over 60 Hino dealerships and service centre locations around the country.

With the availability of fixed price servicing, service agreements, a 5 years extended warranty and Hino Roadside Assist as part of the wider Hino Advantage suite of business-building services, you can rest assured knowing your Hino is operating to its optimum capability.


Fixed Price Servicing

Saving money, working harder, going further? It’s what every truck owner is looking for. And in partnership with Hino, that’s exactly the opportunity we are offering you with fixed price servicing on all euro 5 models.

Find out more about Fixed Price Servicing on all Euro 5 models*

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Roadside Assist

When you need help. Your Advantage is here.

Flat tyre in the middle of nowhere? It’s a real comfort to know that you’re covered by Hino Roadside Assist. Manned by top professionals and operating 24/7, Hino Roadside Assist covers you for the first 3 years of your vehicle’s life, free of charge. For Hino Roadside Assist, call 1800 MY HINO.

You can extend your Roadside Assist by one or two years with the Roadside Assist Extra Package.



Service Agreements

Get the Advantage of greater business convenience.

You can drive a lot more business when you know where you’re heading, and nothing can give your business a clearer sense of direction and certainty than a Hino Service Agreement.

We can design your agreement to precisely meet your business needs and allow you to budget for one regular monthly fee over the life of your agreement. Now you can budget ahead, pay less for your service and get more out of your business.



Extended Warranty

A valuable business Advantage over the long haul.

You can travel a long way in five years. And you’ll do it with less worry and greater peace of mind when you take advantage of our 5 years extended warranty.

You’ll get all the same fantastic features of our standard 3 years Warranty, with the extra security of being protected for a further 2years – giving your business extra time to grow, safe in the knowledge that you’re fully covered.

Warranty conditions for all Hino models
For information on warranty, please refer to the warranty and service book or the model specification sheet.

Tailored fleet customer training

Specifically designed for a maximum business Advantage

No two fleet purchases are ever the same, so we can specifically tailor your service technician training to suit your business needs and purchase requirements.

You get high value at a low cost, and the training can take place anywhere in Australia, or if you’re in Sydney at the purpose-built Hino Training Centre.

Our training covers Hino body parts, electrical components, hybrid systems and much more, and is conducted by highly qualified Hino technical staff.To find out more, call the Hino customer care centre on 1300 01 HINO.



*Servicing offer applies to all Euro 5 models and available only at participating Hino dealerships. ‘Minor’ Service inclusions are also listed above and any extra services will incur additional charges. Please contact your nearest Hino dealer for additional pricing and information. Items not included (where applicable): Brake & Clutch fluid, Air Filters, Coolant, DPR Hose and SCR Filter. All parts are only applicable to the Euro 5 models listed above. 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty is only covered if your part is fitted by an authorised Hino dealer. 


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