The Hino 300 Series is the right upgrade for any trade

Thursday, 23 June 2022

The Hino 300 Series is the right upgrade for any trade

When you need more space and better performance, the Hino 300 Series has you covered.

No matter what trade or industry you’re in, the reasons for upgrading a work vehicle tend to be the same. More capacity, more towing capability and better performance. 

These were some of the reasons Scott Anderson, of SA Projects, decided to upgrade his trusty ute to the Hino 300 Series TradeAce. With his business growing during the pandemic, not only did Scott need a vehicle that had increased payload, but he also needed a vehicle with greater towing capacity, so he could avoid the multiple trips per day. 

Tell us about your business? 

SA Projects has been operating for almost three years in the Northern suburbs of Brisbane. As a residential builder we do everything from renovations to decks and shop fit outs. 

The trade business is booming as a result of COVID. How has it impacted you? 

The main impacts are the material price rises that happen almost every month and the huge delays on materials…we order for jobs that are starting months in advance

If your business grows, or continues to grow, would you consider purchasing a Hino again? If so, what features or benefits of the Hino 300 Series would have you coming back?

Absolutely. Not even a question in my mind. Hino has really improved the way I operate.  
The service from Hino is great, the size and power that the 300 Series has is great, and being able to tow 3.5 tonnes very easily while still carrying all of my tools on the back saves me huge amounts of time.

You’ve mentioned previously that convenience, safety, and performance were behind your upgrade to the Hino 300 Series. What are the noticeable differences between your truck and ute?

The towing/carrying capacity, being able to carry all my gear at once without having to load, unload every afternoon. It’s invaluable. Sometimes, in the past, I would have to tow an extra trailer to make things work because I couldn’t fit everything in my ute, but now I’ve got heaps of space!

What do you like most about the Hino 300 Series safety features? Have they helped you in any ways?  

The comfort of the truck and the automatic makes the Hino 300 Series better than other trucks I’ve driven in the past. The lane assist and crash control are great features, especially after long days onsite. They’re real game changers. 

Which dealership did you purchase your truck from, and what did they do to make sure you got the right truck for your needs? 

I went to Sci-Fleet Hino Coopers Plains and dealt with Nathan Murdoch. He was super easy to deal with and gave me all the info I needed. I knew nothing about trucks. Nathan also helped me with all the optional extras I would need for work and helped me to get everything sorted and approved in just under a week. 

How does the comfort of the Hino 300 Series compare to other trucks you’ve driven? 

Hino is by far more comfortable than any other truck I’ve driven – without a doubt.  The seat, dash are fantastic, and the truck’s aircon is super cold which is great during the Australian summer. Auto also makes life easier when towing and general running around.

Your Hino 300 Series is a TradeAce, part of the Built to Go range. What was the biggest benefit of going down the Built to Go path? 

The selection process was a breeze, but the best part was being able to pick it up and be ready for work the next day. I didn’t have to call customers to reschedule jobs. I just carried on as normal. It was great!

Can you give us an example of where your TradeAce has performed in a way you didn’t expect it to? 

The best example is when we need to tow our big work trailer. When fully loaded it’s carrying close to 3 tonnes worth of gear out to a site. Because the Hino 300 Series has plenty of torque, towing our large trailer, not to mention all the equipment already in the truck, is easy.

What have been some of the biggest payoffs owning a Hino 300 Series Light-Duty truck?

Overnight servicing has been one of the biggest advantages of owning a Hino. There’s no downtime, so when it’s ready I can just go to the next job. The customer service has been fantastic as well, and the comfort of the Hino 300 Series is the cherry on top.

If you could sum up your experience with Hino (purchasing, servicing, truck features etc…), what would you say to someone looking to buy a Hino?  

That’s easy. I would definitely recommend Hino to someone who’s in the market to upgrade their work vehicle from a ute or van. Everything has been smooth from the start. From dealing with the staff at Sci-Fleet to finding the right truck for my needs, to not having to make multiple trips for one job. I just load up the truck, and attach the trailer if I need to, and I’m on my way.
I recommend that you make Hino your first stop if you’re looking for a new truck. 

There’s nothing better than hearing when a customer is enjoying their new Hino truck. 

If you’re looking to upgrade to a light-duty truck or need a trusty workhorse to add to your fleet, then visit your nearest authorised Hino dealer today. 

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