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The Hino 300 Series Hybrid Electric light-duty truck is a perfect solution for customers looking to reduce their operational costs.

Delivering up to 20%* fuel and emissions reductions, no recharging or range limitations, and customers can select from car-licenced 4.5 tonne GVM all the way to medium-rigid, licenced 8.5 tonne GVM.

Now the range has been further expanded to include Built-to-Go Alloy Tray and TradeAce models, so you can start saving money from day one.

The Hino 300 Series set the benchmark of what Australian customers should expect from a light-duty truck. Featuring Hino SmartSafe across the range, and class leading combination of power and torque, its built for anything.

With more than 60 models including Standard, Wide or Crew Cab variants, high horsepower or Hybrid Electric models, we have a 300 Series light-duty truck to suit your needs.

The 500 Series boasts the most comprehensive active safety package of any Japanese truck in the medium duty truck category. With more than 100 models available, Hino continues to offer legendary fuel and operating efficiency.

The Hino 700 Series is the heavy-duty that rewrites the rules in safety, emissions, performance and comfort. Itโ€™s the truck of the future, here today.

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Hino Advantage is all about you. Itโ€™s the total support customer care program designed to keep your business driving ahead. Hino Advantage provides you access to an extensive range of integrated support solutions that are driven to do more for you.

Now you can profit from solutions that allow you to budget ahead, minimise costly downtime and maximise uptime. Benefit from a range of support solutions that increase your operational efficiencies, productivity, and profitability.

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