The Hino 300 Series is the right upgrade for any trade

No matter what trade or industry you’re in, the reasons for upgrading a work vehicle tend to be the same. More capacity, more towing capability and better performance. These were some of the reasons Scott Anderson, of SA Projects, decided to upgrade his trusty ute to the Hino 300 Series TradeAce.

Stay on the road longer with scheduled servicing

When it comes to servicing your truck, do you stick to your servicing schedule or service when you can? For many owners, we know getting a service is a hindrance with the juggling of work schedule and potential loss of income. However, the long-term benefits of having regular services on your truck far outweighs the short-term perceived inconveniences.

The Women of Hino: Rachael Heufel, Technician

From selling trucks, to repairing them, in this month’s episode of ‘The Women of Hino’ we speak to Rachael Heufel who has been working in the industry for the past 4 years and is the very first female technician for Southern Truck Centre.

Hino 300 Series: The perfect upgrade for any trade

Change can be a great thing. A sea change is great for your soul and mental well-being, and a vehicle change is great for your business. However, we understand the trepidation many business owners and drivers have when choosing to upgrade their vehicle, especially when it comes to transitioning to a truck.

Hino Genuine Parts deliver genuine confidence

You can tell how much a person cares about their vehicle by the parts they use. While it’s no secret using Genuine Parts may mean you’ll pay a little more, those who value their vehicle know the ‘little extra’ is worth it.


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