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Your best investment in keeping your truck running in top operating condition.

Stay on the road longer, stay efficient, stay profitable. Insist on Hino Genuine Parts.

Buying Hino Genuine Parts simply makes better business sense:

  • Covered by 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty* when fitted by an authorised Hino dealer
  • Designed, calibrated, and engineered to meet original manufacturing standards
  • Guaranteed to fit first time, every time which maintain productivity
  • Full support from over 65 dealerships and service centres nationwide
  • Parts readily available from the Parts Distribution Centre in Sydney with delivery to any capital city, in as little as three days

By going genuine you will have the reassurance of knowing your truck is operating in top condition.

Why Genuine Parts matter?

Hino Genuine Parts are made to the same exacting Quality, Durability and Reliability (QDR) standards that every Hino truck is built to.

To reinforce this, we conducted independent testing to demonstrate the difference between Hino Genuine and non-genuine substitutes.

The following three real-world scenarios focus on the performance of brake pads and headlights, as well as the importance of bulbar integrity to truck safety.

It can be an easy temptation to save a little, but at what cost? Don’t get left in the dark, choose Hino Genuine all the way.

Why Hino Genuine Brakes?

An industry standard roller brake test showed that Hino Genuine pads and rotors delivered over 10% greater braking force than non-genuine substitutes.

Additionally, the Hino brake pads did not show any signs of fatigue or heat cracking, whereas the non-genuine pads showed signs of both.

Why Hino Genuine Headlamps?

The Hino Genuine headlights produced a measurable light distance of 37.9 metres compared to the non-genuine units at 33.5 metres. This means the driver with genuine would have over 10 metres to react vs six metres.

Why Hino Genuine Bullbars?

In an unfortunate event of a collision, a Bullbar can minimise impact. By going genuine it ensures the right level of design and compliance testing is completed to keep you safe.

How to make sure your Hino stays Genuine

Contact an authorised
Hino Dealer

Purchase Hino Genuine Parts through our authorised Hino Dealers.


a service

Book a Hino Genuine Service through our authorised Hino Dealers.



Get 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty* when fitted by an authorised Hino Dealer.




*The 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty applies to defects in workmanship and materials only, and does not cover fair wear or tear of the part. If the Hino Genuine part is modified in any way, any Hino warranty that may have been applicable to that Hino Genuine part, including but not limited to the 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Warranty is voided. Find out more. https://www.hino.com.au/parts/parts-warranty/

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