Only the best service for your Hino

Friday, 26 March 2021

Only the best service for your Hino

When it comes to getting your truck serviced, nothing beats a Hino Genuine Service and here’s why.

Cost – Capped Price Service calculator

Hino is the only truck manufacturer to offer Capped Price Service across the entire range*. Use our Capped Price Service Calculator by selecting your Hino model and specifications to work out how much a Hino genuine Service will cost you. You can control your operating costs and budget ahead with Capped Price Service.

Parts – Hino Genuine Parts vs. Non-genuine parts

Although there are a large number of aftermarket companies, buying non-genuine parts won’t give you the guarantee of a quality product that Hino Genuine Parts will.

Non-genuine parts might not fit your truck as well, as there are fewer measures over the products quality compared to genuine parts, which means the investment will pay off in the long term. Using Genuine Parts ensures you’re using the right part designed for the demands of the Australian conditions plus the availability and range of parts are greater and performance is maintained.

Hino Genuine Parts have a much larger range, which means you get exactly the right part for your Hino. You’re able to source parts that are more commonly known as ‘ugly’ parts, such as wiring harnesses, whereas the aftermarket tends to only stock faster moving, more common items.

Hino Genuine Parts also maintain a better level of support for older models. There are parts for all Hino trucks ranging from the current 2020 Euro 5 500 Series FD 1126 to a 1970’s KL300, and what’s not available can be ordered from Japan in as quick as 4 business days.

Location – Hino Genuine Service Centres

By using a Genuine dealer you will have direct contact with the entire dealer network, which means access to their knowledge and technology. As a result of this direct access. They can provide an accurate diagnosis of your truck.

Here at Hino, all service technicians are provided with online manuals, which cover every model within the Hino range, plus have their own dedicated diagnostic tool to communicate with all systems powering your vehicle.

Hino Australia has over 60 service centres nationwide. No matter where you find yourself in the country, you’ll find a Hino dealer that can help you buy or service a Hino truck. Find your closest Hino Service Centre here.

Warranty – That’s Another Hino Advantage

Genuine Servicing also ensures Genuine Parts are used, which could be a huge contributing factor to cost savings when owning a vehicle.

At Hino, we also offer a 3 Years Unlimited Kilometre Parts Warranty when fitted by an authorised Hino dealer

Your truck is a significant investment and it pays to maximise uptime and minimise downtime. It only makes smart business sense to use only genuine when considering your next service. Use Hino services including our Capped Price Service Calculator, authorised Service Centres and Genuine Parts to ensure you and your truck are protected under our warranty.

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