Talking Tech with the Best in the Business

Monday, 6 May 2024

Talking Tech with the Best in the Business

WA Hino’s Service Technician takes top honours for the third time.

Service Technician Brandon Healey, from WA Hino, has risen to the top to be crowned the 2023 National Skills Contest Service winner for the third time in his career. We got in touch with him to discuss his journey as a Service Technician with Hino, his maintenance tips for truck owners, and what it was like winning the National Skills Contest for the third time.



Brandon has always been a bit of a tinkerer. At an early age, you’d find him pulling things apart to see how they worked. It wasn’t long before he took an interest in cars, as well as electronics and computers. He laughs, “For me to pursue a career as a technician was a no-brainer.”

Brandon now works as a Service Technician at WA Hino, specialising in auto electrical, and explains that his favourite part of working there is the camaraderie among the service team. He tells us, “We are likeminded and passionate about what we do here. We have formed a strong bond over the years. We are like a big family.” 


While at Hino, Brandon has achieved his status as a Master Technician; a professional qualification earned through participation and further diagnostic training at our Hino training centre. The Master Technician program is a pathway with four levels of accreditation, to which Brandon worked his way to up to the highest rank, accomplishing all professional qualifications and completing an annual assessment to maintain his status. 

With the rise of Hybrid Electric technology, autonomous vehicle safety and emission systems, there’s a lot for Brandon to stay across.“When it comes to the Hino Hybrid Electric technologies, we attend courses at the HMSA training center in Sydney.” Here Brandon says they learn about all aspects of the Hybrid Electric system in both theory and practical exercises, as well as how to work on them safely. 

“We also constantly learn on the job when we come across faults normally induced by external factors. As a Senior Technician, tricky faults like these are also a great opportunity for me to teach our other technicians and apprentices how to approach and diagnose faults correctly.”

When talking about Hino SmartSafe technologies, Brandon says that working on these is one of the more interesting parts of his job. “It is mind-blowing to think that there are multiple sensors doing countless calculations and adjustments every second to determine if the vehicle in front is getting too close, if you’re drifting out of your lane or if a wheel is about to lock up under heavy braking.”


Having worked at Hino for 12 years now, Brandon knows a thing or two about keeping Hino trucks in top shape. Sharing his insights, he tells us some simple things that owners and drivers can do to look after their Hino trucks, save on costs and reduce downtime for their businesses. 

Brandon says that quick daily checks are key. These will help you to identify issues before they become major problems, saving you money on costly repairs in the long term. While your Hino service and maintenance manual will have a comprehensive list, he has a go-to top 5. 

1. Look out for fluid leaks on the ground before getting into your vehicle.
2. Regularly test all the lights and electrical systems in the vehicle.
3. Check fluid levels are correct.
4. Drain the air tanks daily, if they are fitted to your vehicle.
5. Check your tyres for damage and wear.

Brandon also explains that when it comes to getting your Hino serviced, there are a few things that you can do to help get the maximum benefit out of it for you and your truck – and opting for Hino Genuine Servicing is a big one.  This means that the technicians working on your vehicle are highly experienced with the Hino product, and benefit from the support of factory training.

Maintaining a regular servicing schedule is another. He points out that with Hino Capped Price Servicing, this becomes particularly easy, allowing you to know what your upcoming maintenance costs and better plan ahead.

Documenting any issues you notice between services is also important, as well as giving your current technician as much detail as possible on the previous service history. This will ensure their new technician has the relevant information to efficiently assess the vehicle and allow for a smoother service experience for customers


So how does Brandon feel about being crowned the winner of the Hino 2023 National Skills Contest for the third time? “Lots of excitement, but also relief. This was my third win, and it hasn’t gotten any easier. It’s a great feeling that, even after so many years, I’m still among the top technicians in Australia. I’m proud of what I have achieved over the years and hope it drives the other technicians at our dealership to keep learning and asking questions. I can’t wait to see what they can achieve in the 2024 National Skills Contest.”

And as for any future technicians out there that are keen to join the industry, Brandon is a true advocate. “Do it. This can become a career for life. No two days are ever the same as the industry is always evolving with new technologies, safety systems, and hybrid electric systems. You’ll never stop learning.”


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