Time is money, and a Hino truck can save you plenty of time.

Tuesday, 20 February 2024

Time is money, and a Hino truck can save you plenty of time.

Building the framework for success.

We caught up with Jayden, the brains and brawn behind J Projects, to find out how his building company is breathing new life into the Central Coast landscape, and how his Hino trucks go the extra mile to keep his business on the move.



Jayden started J Projects in 2019 soon after he’d completed his apprenticeship, with an ambition to specialise in high-end building work. J Projects has since built a portfolio of bespoke new builds, additions, and renovations.

J Projects started off as a one-man job, with Jayden working and running the projects by himself. Always setting big goals, he has since grown the company with two extra, hardworking employees. He lights up, “I have 22-year-old Liam who is a fully qualified carpenter, and Jemima, 21, who is our third year apprentice. My team may be young, but they are hardworking and strive to ensure the best quality work is done for all our clients”.



Jayden knew that as his business began to grow, he would need a truck that measured up. “We needed a truck that had enough space for toolboxes, as well as something that was comfortable to drive with a reliable motor”.

“I had been initially looking at other truck brands,” Jayden explains, “however they all seemed to fall short. They were either uncomfortable, not the nicest to drive, or the staff weren’t very approachable”.

After doing some research on the different brands out there, Jayden eventually made some enquiries to Hino branches near him. “I spoke to Trent from Newcastle Hino and immediately had a fantastic connection with him. He was accommodating, easy going, and his communication was on point. “He offered me a test drive that suited my busy schedule and that’s when I fell in love with the Hino 300 Series Trade Ace. It ticked all the boxes”.

Jayden was so happy with his Trace Ace and the service at Newcastle Hino that he ended up buying a Hino 300 Series Tipper from the dealership. When asked what he loves about this second truck, Jayden said “being able to dispose of site rubbish straight in the back of the tipper is a game changer, it is so convenient for those late tip runs”.

“The clients also love it because there is no longer a skip bin located at the front of their house for weeks on end. It makes the job site look clean and neat, as well as keeping it safe.”

Jayden also explains that he loves the multimedia unit in his Hino 300 Series Tipper. Not only do the features offer practical benefits while driving between sites, but they also make the drives more enjoyable.

“Running a business is very time consuming, so having Apple CarPlay allows the drive to and from work to be the perfect time to catch up on phone calls. It's also great for maps and making sure I get to the right job site on time, safely. It’s an added bonus that I can listen to Spotify through the unit too, which makes those drives home after a long day a little bit nicer”.



Both Hino trucks have helped drive the success and growth of J Projects. “As we say, time is money and these trucks have saved us plenty of time”. Jayden says that his Hino 300 Series Trade Ace, with its custom large toolboxes, makes set up and pack up so much quicker.



It’s not just his trucks that Jayden and the team are happy with, but also the sales and service experience at Newcastle Hino. Jayden happily recounts, “I dealt with Trent on the purchase of both trucks and had the best experience each time. Trent was very approachable and was always emailing me with updates, which I was super appreciative of. I definitely recommend them to fellow tradies.” As for servicing, Jay says “the booking system is a breeze with little wait times. I have the truck back in a day which is great for tight schedules.”



Right now, the two Hino trucks make for the perfect addition to the J Projects team. And while Jayden doesn’t have any immediate plans of growing the fleet, with business booming he says, “who knows what the future holds?”. 

“I’d 100% recommend Hino, it’s definitely been the best decision for my business. We’re so grateful we ended up going with Hino. The whole experience has been a breeze. Super easy. And now we have the trucks we absolutely love them; we couldn’t do our job without them.”

In the Central Coast area and are looking for a quality builder for an upcoming new build, addition, or renovation? Check out J Projects!


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