24/7 Hino Roadside Assist with every new Hino purchase

hino roadside assist

On the odd occasion that you need roadside assist, it’s a real comfort to know that you’re covered by Hino Roadside Assist for the standard warranty period of your vehicle.

Available 24/7 and delivered nationwide by a highly trained team of technicians and recovery operators, aimed to get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

For Hino Roadside Assist, call 1800 MY HINO. Once booked, a link will be set directly to your mobile containing location of your service provider, knowing exact approach time in real-time.

Three years FREE roadside assist, complimentary with every purchase

Key Features

Mechanical breakdown

Just call your Hino Roadside Assist operator to arrange for our emergency service to get your vehicle back on the road.

Tyre & wheel change

Using your truck’s original equipment, where possible your tyre will be changed. If not suitable, the truck will need to be towed to a suitable site and any material and labour charges incurred must be paid for at the time.

Flat battery

A battery boost is always the preferred solution to get you up and running. If the battery is faulty but still under warranty, we will arrange for a replacement to be delivered and installed. Beyond their warranty period must be paid for at the time of service.

Out of fuel

Roadside Assist will provide enough fuel to ensure the truck can be driven to the nearest diesel supply facility (a small fuel charge may apply for the driver). If it proves impractical or impossible to provide diesel fuel, the truck will be towed to the nearest facility.

Lockout or lost keys

Please note that the driver may be asked to sign an indemnity form releasing the service person for liability for any damage caused by forced entry. Where necessary Roadside Assist will arrange for a locksmith to gain entry to your truck. Any costs above $50 (including GST) will be the responsibility of the driver.

Towing & recovery

If you break down in a metropolitan area, the truck will be towed to the nearest authorised Hino dealer. Please note that Towing & Recovery for an accident is not covered under the Hino Roadside Assist breakdown service.



A comprehensive list of Roadside Assist features is contained in the brochure.

Roadside Assist Extra

Once your initial Roadside Assist cover expires (at the end of your new truck standard warranty period) you can choose to extend your cover by a further 1 or 2 years with our Roadside Assist Extra Package.

You can elect to pay annually or to receive a $50 discount, purchase two years in advance.


  300 Light-Duty 500 Medium-Duty 700 Heavy-Duty
One Year $399 $649 $1,149
Two Years $748 $1,248 $2,248


*GST inclusive. Total limits shown are effective at start of calendar year, Hino receives the right to change these total limits without notice. Price on application for older vehicles.





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